The Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Advantage:

Thermal Performance:

SPF can offer the highest R-value per inch, which means greater potential energy savings.1 Typical R-values for SPF range from 3.5-7.0 per one inch of thickness. The higher R-value allows certain SPF products to provide the same energy savings in half the amount of space that may typically be required.

Insulation & Air Sealing:

SPF helps minimize air leaks in walls and roofs, saving a typical homeowner up to 15 percent on heating and cooling costs alone. SPF expands in place to insulate and seal the spaces seen and unseen. This unique application process allows SPF to create a layer of protection that provides a consistent air seal for any wall, roof, ceiling, or floor.

Indoor Comfort:

Sealing a building’s air leaks prevents drafts, providing better indoor temperature control and creating a more comfortable indoor environment. In areas with extreme climates, good indoor temperature control can have a dramatic effect on household comfort.

 • Sealing gaps with spray foam can provide a barrier against pollen, dust and insects. Reducing external allergens can be especially helpful in households with allergy sufferers.

 Spray foam helps minimize air-borne sound transmission. Open cell foam can reduce high frequency noise, and closed-cell foam can reduce low-frequency noise. A combination of open- and closed-cell foams can help maximize noise reduction.

Quality that Lasts:

The unique application process and adhesion properties of SPF make it an attractive choice for many complex applications, such as cathedral ceilings or uniquely shaped spaces. SPF does not require labor-intensive wire supports, netting, or fasteners to remain in-place. In addition, the cellular structure of SPF does not sag or settle over time, delivering consistent high-performance results year after year. 



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