Desert Sealants is the top company to call for commercial caulking services . If you're looking for a resource to provide commercial caulking services, you have come to the right place.

In the Phoenix area, the beautiful weather we enjoy can also come with a price. When teperature rises, you want to ensure your building is protected from the elements.

Even the most carefully constructed building could eventually develop gaps - concrete joints, along the roofline, and at other points. Not only could these gaps let water into your building and pose a potential risk to the inside of your business, but these gaps could cause drafts and air loss to the outside, causing higher energy bills.



You can rely on Desert Sealants to help you with all your caulking needs.

Quality work  & Excelent customer service.


E.F.I.S Termination

Masonry Control

Tilt Panel

Interior Floor Joints and Exterior Sidewalks

Doors, Windows and Metal to


Head and Bottom of
Acoustical walls

Removal & Replacement of Failed Caulking

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