We install firestop protection, including slab-edge and head-of-wall firestopping. Gaps between floor slabs and walls can provide space for gas, smoke, and flames to move from room to room and floor to floor. Installing firestopping products from known manufacturers is critical to a commercial building’s safety plan. 



Where is Commercial Firestopping Required? 

firestopping is required by state and local building and fire codes. with the ultimate goal of building a safer structure that is completed on budget and on time. Firestopping is often required at through penetrations, membrane penetrations, and joint and perimeter barriers.

 Edge & Head of Wall Firestoppingn.

Fire and smoke can move between rooms through the gap that exists at the perimeter slab edge of a commercial building. At the top of a wall, there is often a gap that can also allow fire and smoke to spread. Head-of-wall firestopping consists of a fire resistant compound that is installed to fill these gaps.

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